Mental Health?

To know and dispense mental health is my job.
I am trained. Experienced. Vetted.

Clubhouse “Influencers on Mental Health”.
Really? Useless talk.
The marketplace steering people toward suffering.

Through what lens am I seeing mental health?
Who’s view am I assigning, ascribing, and prescribing?
The medical system’s? The culture’s? My own? Each patient’s?

For all it’s strangeness and limitations, 2020 was a year of clarity.
2021 is a deluge of questions and dilemmas.

Normally comfortable with public platforms
I can only be circumspect and closed-mouthed.
Continually riding internal storms and clashing thought waves
of doubt and certainty.
Both wrong and sticky.

In this I start my clinical day.

ennui and suffering

noun: ennui
A feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.

This word and its definition exemplify the Western psychological view of suffering: the causes of dissatisfaction arise from conditions outside one’s own mind.
But our internal need for stimulus, excitement and ever-present enjoyment is the root source of dissatisfaction.
Therefore, liberation from ennui comes only from insight into its uselessness.

Antidotes and fixes offer more fixation on liberation.
This is how others sell fixes and products to a duped populous.

Wake up.
The world’s aliveness is waiting for you.

The GOP as Pathology

More than F22 delusional disorder
DSM 6 should include a new diagnosis:

GOP disorder
1) Disordered in one’s thoughts, speech, values, morals and conduct
2) Inability to perceive or comprehend truth and act accordingly
3) Fixation on one’s own needs, wants and beliefs, no matter how erroneous or delusional
4) Symptoms persist even when one knows it presents clear and present danger to others.

Six Days of Relief

Six full days.
Six full days without the awful tightness and buzzing my gut
has endured for four years.

Six full days drinking in a President who is capable, intelligent, caring
And not demented.
Six full days of Ted Cruz making an ass out of himself
But who cares anyway… he is a powerless paper tiger.
Six full days of Bernie memes
A cleverness contest the knitters have won hands down.
Four full days of patients arriving in tears
Relief that the “T” trauma is over.

Saturn and Jupiter moved into Aquarius 12/20/2020
How I marvel at the radical shift that movement has catalyzed!

Real power is pure virtue

Power comes in many forms.
Still integrating the collective trauma healing that was the Biden Inauguration.

Did the Inaugural planning committee know healing was what Americans needed most?

Surely Biden knew. His speech was shamanic in delivery and content.
Pure virtue transforming four years of Trump/GOP psychopathy and abuse.

When leaders so get it right, every citizen benefits.
Deepest bows to Biden and the Inaugural Committee.


GAIA proclaims the right to CLEANSE Silicon Valley
of systemic ignorance, greed and hatred.
50-80 mile per hour winds though the night
Into this morning.

Get on board the Washington DC change train.
Be a conduit for re-emerging morality, ethics, care, wisdom, compassion

Oh… America your heart is returning
Oh… America your trauma is ending
Oh… America FINALLY a memorial for 400,000 COVID deaths at the Washington Memorial
WOW… a real President.
WOW… a Congress that can be a force for good.

Breathe again America, tomorrow the light returns.


Today another invitation to create content for yet another web delivery portal…
A “senior producer” uses flattery
GG podcast is great!
You are a great content provider!

Hoping to reel me in.

I am not biting. The bait bores me.
How selfish, how stingy!
Nay, how contained.

Yes I am creating content right now.
Yes I recognize the irony.
There is no high road in art.
Just self-obsession fueled by inspiration.

Start Fresh

2021… Cleared every prior blog post. Let it all go!

My small contribution to the efforts in Washington DC: MAJOR CLEANSING MODE.
Clearing out all the ignorance, greed and hatred sown over the last 4 years.
(Make sure you sage the White House!)
So much darkness for so long.

Welcoming in the Biden/Harris crew! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
My heart is alive and soaring like an eagle.
Sending the Biden/Harris crew fresh energy, clear vision, openheartedness.