GG Episode 19: Mastering the Addictive Mind This is a very special episode featuring Judson Brewer, addiction psychiatrist and associate professor of psychiatry at Brown University School of Medicine. Jud is a seasoned researcher of mindfulness interventions for addiction and developer of novel habit-change apps for abating anxiety and craving. Our dialogue is devoid of hype and chockfull of useful insights... Continue Reading →

GG Episode 17: Healing Collective Trauma This dialogue with visionary psychotherapist Gina Ross, MFCC—a pioneer in understanding and healing collective trauma—is both informative and deeply moving. A Syrian Jew with empathy for both Israeli and Arabic cultures, and founder of the International Trauma Healing Institutes, Gina has devoted her life’s work to resolving the societal and individual dysregulation that underlies... Continue Reading →

GG Episode 16: Trauma-Informed Acupuncture GG Season Two launchers with Alaine Duncan, M.A.c, L.Ac on trauma-informed acupuncture for combat trauma and complex PTSD.  Her unique method integrates neurobiology of trauma, SE skills and Daoist Five Element theory. Her new book, The Tao of Trauma, co-authored with Kathy Kain, views trauma through this ancient-modern integrative lens and lays out practical... Continue Reading →

Two New Dharma Talks on the Five Aggregates This last episode of the Groundless Ground Season One (available on all podcast apps) features two consecutive dharma talks recently given by Lisa Dale Miller on the five aggregates—the main agent of mental and emotional suffering in the Buddha’s teachings on the Four Noble Truths. Her first talk deconstructs the illusory ‘heap’ nature of... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lent on Systems Theory, Wisdom Traditions and a Path to Sustainability

 // This dialogue with Jeremy Lent is chockfull of insights and guidance on how individuals can make lasting, positive impacts and change the collective current disastrous course humanity appears to be on. Jeremy is a modern-day renaissance man. Educated at Cambridge University and University of Chicago, he founded and IPOed an early internet company, and... Continue Reading →

GG Episode 13: Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders

Paula Scatoloni, a somatic psychotherapist and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist explicates the insufficiency of standardized cognitive and behavioral eating disorder treatment, and introduces Embodied Recovery, a cutting-edge somatically-oriented, trauma-informed approach, which considers the body and embodiment, the missing link for effective treatment of disordered eating. Paula provides an overview of the Embodied Recovery training program... Continue Reading →

Raising Responsible Adults: Ken Wilgus on effective parenting of teens

This episode is an educational and fun dialogue with Dr. Ken Wilgus, the author of Feeding The Mouth That Bites You, a practical guide for parents of adolescents targeted at helping them facilitate their teenager’s autonomy, responsibility, self-efficacy and independence. We touch on many tough subjects: behavior issues, academic performance, helicopter parenting, failure to launch, device... Continue Reading →

GG Episode 11: Exactly what is mindfulness good for?

GG Episode 11 features cognitive neuroscientist David Vago, PhD, who gives us a neuroscience of mindfulness update providing clarity on what mindfulness is, is not, can and cannot do. Listen at and on your favorite podcast app! David Vago, Ph.D., is research director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and director of the Contemplative... Continue Reading →

GG Episode 10: Evan Thompson on Embodied Cognition

Evan Thompson discusses Embodied Cognition, 4E Cognition, and the problems with studying the mechanisms of mindfulness from a brain-only perspective. Direct download: Or listen on or on your favorite podcast app! Evan is a writer and professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He works on the nature of the... Continue Reading →

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