Universal Dharma… Not: Two Dharma talks available now

You can now download the two Dharma talks I delivered at Marin Sangha June 22 and 29. I hope you find these teachings stimulating and thought provoking.

In the first talk Universal Dharma…Not, I refer to the Suttas to refute the controversial claim by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others, that mindfulness-based interventions (MBSR and the like) delivers a “universal dharma”; an accurate depiction of traditional Buddhist meditation practices and implicitly imparts the profound ethical and philosophical aspects of the actual Buddhadharma.
Listen now: mp3  or  iTunes podcast

In the second talk, Dreamlike Nature of Phenomena, I describe Lojong Mind Training and its attentiveness to the dreamlike nature of self, mind and world; a unique feature of the Buddhadharma that is not imparted by any mindfulness-based intervention.
Listen now: mp3  or  iTunes podcast



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