Kindness is evolutionarily wired into us

Great short video on the neurobiology and physiology of compassion and kindness by Daecher Keltner. Really worth watching!

4 thoughts on “Kindness is evolutionarily wired into us

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  1. Thank you very much for this post, and all of your others. I have been following your work for some time and appreciative all of your efforts, speaking from the point of view of a therapist who is also a long-time student of the Dharma.

    Mark Johnson


  2. Thank you Lisa for a really interesting post which raises the political question about how can wealthy individuals be encouraged to feel the compassion that benefits us all and helps us reverse the increasing polarisation of wealth that diminishes us all as the book The Spirit Level showed so clearly.

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  3. Hi Lisa, in the September edition of Scientific American, there is an article by Frans de Waal saying much the same thing – that in evolutionary terms, we are a cooperative species and not a totally aggressive species, because we relied on cooperation for food gathering and protection from the highly dangerous animals that roamed the savanna. It seems that women chose mates who were best at cooperation and therefore best at food gathering and protecting them and their off-spring.As the article states ” we probably owe our success as a species more to our cooperativeness than our capacity for violence.”

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