Ajahn Amaro’s wise commentary on the problematic of mindfulness delivery


Ajahn Amaro, a beloved Theravada Buddhist teacher and monastic has written a powerful commentary on the problematic of mindfulness delivery in the West. His paper offers clarity on “(1) the pragmatic versus dogmatic approach of the Buddha in his teachings on psychological transformation, (2) clarification of the traditional understanding of the term “mindfulness” (sati) and its various layers of meaning, and (3) the role of ethics in human well-being, as it is understood from a traditional Buddhist viewpoint.”

I highly recommend taking the time to read his erudite and important commentary on many of the controversial issues featured in Montiero, Musten & Compson’s paper*.
Here is the link to Amaro’s paper:

*Monteiro, L. J., Musten, R. F., & Compson, J. (2015). Traditional and contemporary mindfulness: finding the middle path in the tangle of concerns. Mindfulness, 6, 1–13.

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