Stephen Batchelor visions a secular dharma


Stephen Batchelor discusses a secular dharma based upon his interpretation of the historical Buddha’s teachings found in the Pāli Canon. I think he does a fantastic job of condensing the main topics more deeply expounded upon in his terrific new book, After Buddhism, which I highly recommend. Stephen does have some very thoughtful comments about the conflictual issues of secular mindfulness and corporate mindfulness in the Q&A found toward the end.

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  1. Stephen Batchelor’s lecture was wonderful! Thank you, Lisa, for starting off the new year with this inspiring post! Elizabeth Suti


  2. What is Truth in Western (sceintific) understanding and what is ‘Truth’ in Eastern and Indian philosophy are somewhat different. Ultimate truth of ‘Reality’ is to be realized with direct experience of reality in one’s own conscious mind-body experience. So Four Noble Truth is the process of ‘Four Noble Realizations’, four progressive aspect of a single continuum of experiential process.


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