The Groundless Ground Podcast launched!


Well, 2018 is the year I finally decided to create a podcast. I have worn many creative hats in my life and I recently decided, in addition to seeing patients in private practice, why not do what I love most for a wider audience: disseminate leading-edge information that awakens, transforms and heals, and dialogue with really smart, deeply thoughtful researchers, clinicians, and academics. The podcast has a website
and will be featured on iTunes and Google Music Play.

Why call this podcast the Groundless Ground? The groundless ground is described by the Chag Dzog Tibetan Buddhist tradition as a pristine lucidity—vast and open—where nothing is left out or fixated upon. It also signifies the interdependence of all internal and external phenomena and is associated with perceptual clarity, profound insight and non-referential compassion; vital components of embodied, innate well-being or what I call, genuine mental health.

Integrative psychotherapy is relatively new; more accurately, the idea that there is just a mind/brain driving a person’s mental health has been eclipsed by the new biology, and this means mental health professionals must acknowledge the critical role our physical body, microbial communities and the autonomic nervous system play in the arising and maintenance of mental and emotional well-being. Enjoy!

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