Groundless Ground Episode 7: Union of Buddhism and Science

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Cortland Dahl, PhD exemplifies a rare mix of contemplative and scientific talent. He is a longtime Buddhist practitioner, scholar, translator of Dzogchen and Mahāmudrā Tibetan Buddhist texts, and meditation teacher. Cort has served for many years as the main translator for Mingyur Rinpoche and is the co-founder of Tergar International. He tells us the unusual story of how they met. Over the last 7 years, Cort completed a PhD at the University of Wisconsin Center for Healthy Minds, focused on the psychological and neural mechanisms of different families of meditation practices. In addition to his continuing work at Tergar, Cort currently serves as Chief Contemplative Officer of Healthy Minds Innovations and is the creator of the Healthy Minds program, a well-being research and training program that integrates insights from science with a comprehensive path of contemplative training.

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