GG Episode 13: Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders

Paula Scatoloni, a somatic psychotherapist and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist explicates the insufficiency of standardized cognitive and behavioral eating disorder treatment, and introduces Embodied Recovery, a cutting-edge somatically-oriented, trauma-informed approach, which considers the body and embodiment, the missing link for effective treatment of disordered eating. Paula provides an overview of the Embodied Recovery training program she co-created with Rachel Lewis-Marlow, and discusses its guiding principles for attending to and helping patients heal the trauma and attachment-related injuries, which often lie at the root of eating disordered behaviors. Join us as we investigate the exciting paradigm shift currently emerging in the field of eating disorder treatment.

Listen at:

Embodied Recovery website

Paula’s website

Trauma Informed Approaches for Eating Disorders

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