GG Episode 17: Healing Collective Trauma

This dialogue with visionary psychotherapist Gina Ross, MFCC—a pioneer in understanding and healing collective trauma—is both informative and deeply moving. A Syrian Jew with empathy for both Israeli and Arabic cultures, and founder of the International Trauma Healing Institutes, Gina has devoted her life’s work to resolving the societal and individual dysregulation that underlies trauma and ultimately feeds all forms of violence and hatred. Gina discusses the role of trauma in conflict zones such as the Middle East, and how to heal that trauma and bring about personal and collective peace using integrative methodologies.

Her Ross Model and its practical application Emotion Aid, have been successfully deployed in Israel and Palestine, and other conflict zones to help heal traumatized citizens and military personnel. In concert with an Israeli clinical research team, Gina recently published a widely-read, peer-reviewed control-group study of Somatic Experiencing. The episode starts with Gina’s personal history and how it informed her genuine understanding of collective trauma. She then offers in-depth information about successful treatment of PTSD using SE, somatic psychotherapy, Emotion Aid, and integrative medicine. We finish with a frank discussion about the lack of robust SE research and how that can unfortunate situation can be remedied.

Peer-reviewed Somatic Experiencing Study in ISSTS Journal

Trauma Vortex in Action in the Middle East

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