GG Episode 21: Treating Chronic Pain and Dual Diagnosis

This episode features Anna Lembke, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University Medical School and author of the massively influential book Drug Dealer, MD. Dr. Lembke shares her immeasurable expertise in psychiatry, dual-diagnosis and chronic pain treatment, with a heavy dose of unmitigated truth-telling. Our dialogue is a thoughtful, no holds barred look at: The toyotaization of medicine; the devastating effects of opiate over-prescribing coupled with ineffective chronic pain treatments; the ongoing discontents of addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment; the problems with widespread naïveté about the use of cannabis and CBD; and the inequities and ineffectualness of our health care system. We share knowledge about integrative treatment and the need for psychiatry, psychology and general medicine to embrace it or become irrelevant. I think you’ll find this episode eye-opening, enlightening and timely.

Dr. Lembke’s website 

Drug Dealer, MD

TEDx Stanford Lecture

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