GG Episode 29: 2020 See Clearly, Act Wisely

Last week a patient greeted me with these words, “2020. Clear vision.” That declaration of clear knowing, exemplifies every wish I have for our world as we step into a new decade. See clearly, care deeply, act wisely. Though I infrequently feature two dharma talks in a row on this podcast, this one epitomizes the power of imparting wisdom at a time when our world is in such disarray. As part of a series of talks on the Four Noble Truths, I was tasked to teach on the First Noble Truth: the Buddha’s clear seeing of inherent unsatisfactoriness and its key role in giving rise to all forms of human suffering. True understanding of this teaching liberates habitual tendencies to harm oneself, others and our world. May this dharma talk awaken as many beings as possible to the interconnected nature of our human existence, and set an equal number on the path of Seeing clearly, caring deeply, and acting wisely.

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